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Donwload AnyWave

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Install AnyWave


Once you've donwloaded the zip file, just unzip it and run setup.exe. Follow instructions to install AnyWave on your system.

Mac OS X

Open the dmg file and run the installer.


The linux installation package is an archive containing all the files required to install on your system.
Uncompress the zip and launch the script as super user.
AnyWave will be installed in /usr/local/AnyWave (this will allow MATLAB plugins to run correctly).
This package was built on Debian using gcc 4.9 so it should run on other distros.
OpenBlas and tcsh are required by AnyWave Linux and are not included in the package. (tcsh is optionnal if you don't use MATLAB plugins).

Install extra dependencies

Examples on Centos and Debian

yum install -y tcsh openblas
apt-get install tcsh openblas