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This part of the Wiki is dedicated to developers who would like to implement their own plug-ins for AnyWave.
AnyWave is written using the Qt Framework and the Qt plugin mechanism, so a good knowledge of the Qt Framework is required.


The SDK must have been set up before planning to develop any plug-ins.
Building AnyWave from sources will build the SDK as well but if you already have a binary version installed, you may want to download the SDK for your platform:

Download SDK for Linux (qmake/QtCreator gcc 4.9)


Download SDK for Mac (qmake/QtCreator clang)

Download SDK for Windows (Visual Studio 2017)

Build AnyWave/SDK

Click here to see how to build AnyWave from sources.

AnyWave C++ objects

See this section of the Wiki to learn more about C++ objects defined in the SDK.

How to build a plugin

The CMake tool will take care of the building step for your plugin.
So, it is strongly advised to get used with the basic cmake concepts, though, it's quite simple to set up a cmake project to build a plug-in:
Follow this section to see have to do it.

Build a Reader plug-in

Build a signal processing plug-in

How to write a MATLAB plug-in

How to write a Python Scripted plug-in