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AnyWave : multi-platform software for visualizing and processing EEG/SEEG/MEG/XMG data.


AnyWave is a software designed to easily open and view data recorded by EEG or MEG acquisition systems.
AnyWave is modular and can load additionnal plug-ins to enhance its features and capabilities.

The development of AnyWave is supported by INSERM and Aix-Marseille University.
The main developper is Bruno Colombet (
AnyWave was licensed with the help of SATT Sud-Est.
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General presentation of what AnyWave can do

Open a data file and visualize the channels it contains How to add markers
How to remove cardiac activity using ICA How to remove data around the TMS stimulations

More tutorials available in the Tutorials section.


A new version of AnyWave is available for the following platforms:
- Windows 64bit (Feb. 2017) ==>DOWNLOAD<==
- Mac OS X 10.10 and later (Feb. 2017) ==>DOWNLOAD<==
- Ubuntu 16.04 (Jan. 2017) ==>DOWNLOAD<==

For other Linux distributions, see the github to build from sources.

Join the google group to keep posted about AnyWave
Get the sources from github


Time/Frequency ICA Epileptogenicity Index