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Command Line Operations
convert a file to BIDS Run a plugin

This is a way to run AnyWave in non GUI mode to process files.
Passing arguments to anywave can be done using the double dash syntax:

anywave --arg1 <value> --arg2 <value> --arg3

An argument may have a value.
There is a list of common arguments that can be used anytime for every command line operation:
--input_file <file> set the file to process.
--input_dir <dir> sets the input directory to use.
--output_dir <dir> sets the output directory. The location where the plugin should generate its results.
--output_file <file> sets the name of the processing output file.
--output_prefix <string> sets the prefix of the output file.
--hp <value> sets the high pass filter value to use.
--lp <value> sets the low pass filter value to use.
--notch <value> sets the notch filter value to use.