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AnyWave : multi-platform software for visualizing and processing EEG/SEEG/MEG/XMG data.


AnyWave is a software designed to easily open and view data recorded by EEG or MEG acquisition systems.
AnyWave is modular and can load additionnal plug-ins to enhance its features and capabilities.

The development of AnyWave is supported by INSERM and Aix-Marseille University.
The main developper is Bruno Colombet (
AnyWave was licensed with the help of SATT Sud-Est.

Cite us: Colombet B, Woodman M, Badier JM and Bénar CG. “AnyWave: a cross-platform and modular software for visualizing and processing electrophysiological signals.”
Journal of neuroscience methods 242 (2015): 118-26.

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General presentation of what AnyWave can do

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