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Dynamical Brain Mapping team

The general objective of the Dynamap team is to develop signal processing strategies for characterizing the spatio-temporal dynamics of brain networks, for both physiological and pathological activity.

With this in view, the first strategy of the team is to combine the strength of different modalities such as EEG, MEG, fMRI, with particular emphasis on simultaneous recordings (EEG-MEG, EEG-fMRI) that allow recording the exact same activity under different points of view. The second strategy is to take the opportunity of intracerebral recordings performed in patients with epilepsy for providing a ‘ground truth’ to which non-invasive methods can be confronted.In basic neuroscience, one application of our work is to provide methodological advances for the users of the MEG platform. In clinics, our tools are intended to improve delineation of the epileptogenic zone for presurgical planning of patients with epilepsy. A particular effort is made towards translation of our work to clinicians and researchers through the multi-platform Anywave software, which architecture specifically aims at allowing fast implementation of algorithms to the end users.


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