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How to install MATLAB plugins

MATLAB requirements

AnyWave is able to run MATLAB plugin in two different ways:

  • A script plug-in that AnyWave will execute using the MATLAB software on your computer.
  • A Compiled standalone MATLAB program that AnyWave will execute.

The first way requires that the MATLAB application is installed on your computer.

The second way requires that the MATLAB Runtime is installed on your computer.
The MATLAB Runtime is freely available for people who don't have the MATLAB software. It allows to run MATLAB program even if MATLAB is not installed.
Most of the standalone plugins used by AnyWave require the MATLAB R2015a runtime which is available from the Mathworks website:
The MCR page on the Mathworks website

Be sure to download and install the R2018b version of the Runtime.

Where to install?

All MATLAB plugins must be installed in the /Documents/AnyWave/Plugins/MATLAB subfolder.
Depending on your platform, try to locate your user's Document folder. The AnyWave folder should be present there.

Most of the time, plugins are available in a .zip file.
Just unzip the archive in the /Documents/AnyWave/Plugins/MATLAB subfolder and launch AnyWave.
Check that your plugin was loaded by AnyWave by clicking on the View->Plugins menu.