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Available Plugins

Name Description Type (click on type to see how to install) Download
Delphos and Viewer Delphos.png Matlab Logo.png Windows logo.png Apple.png
Epileptogenicity Index EI GUI.PNG Matlab Logo.png Windows logo.png Apple.png
Graph Compare GraphCompare.png Matlab Logo.png n/a
ERP analysis Example ERP.png Matlab Logo.png Windows logo.png
h²/r² Graphs H2.png Cpp.png Included in AnyWave
Time/Frequency TF.png Cpp.png Included in AnyWave

Requirements for MATLAB plugins

The plugins are standalone applications built with the MATLAB Compiler. These applications require the MATLAB Runtime to run.
Install the following versions of the runtime depending on the platform:
- Windows : MATLAB Runtime 2021a
- MacOs : MATLAB Runtime 2020a
- Linux : MATLAB Runtime 2021ab
On MacOS and Linux you MUST set the path to the runtime in the Preferences.
On MacOS the default path is usually: /Applications/MATLAB/MATLAB_Runtime/v98
On Linux the default installation path is usually: /usr/local/MATLAB/MATLAB_Runtime/v99
Set this path in the Preferences GUI, you may then be able to run all MATLAB plugins.

Where to put the MATLAB plugins

- Windows: put the plugin folder in Documents\AnyWave\Plugins\MATLAB.
- MacOs: put the plugin folder in /users/johndoe/AnyWave/Plugins/MATLAB.
- Linux: put the plugin folder in /home/johndoe/AnyWave/Plugins/MATLAB.

Run plugins from the command line