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Step 1 - Check the MATLAB connection

This plugin is written in MATLAB and is intended to be used as a MATLAB scripted plugin.
Be sure MATLAB is installed on the computer and AnyWave is ready to connect (click here to check if MATLAB is detected)

Step 2 - Download the plugin and install it in your user documents folder

Get the archive and unzip it there

MATLAB PluginFolder.png

Note the path where to unzip it. It's a folder dedicated to contain all the MATLAB plugins.
On Mac OS X the path would be /Users/username/Documents/AnyWave/Plugins/MATLAB

Step 3 - Start Registration

Launch temporal register.png

Note that you can launch a registration without opening any data file.

The MATLAB application should appear running in the task bar or the Dock.

MATLAB run tr.png

Select a MEG file and select the EEG file and go.
The plugin will produce a target.ades file containing the EEG data registered on the MEG timings.