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One important thing with AnyWave is to be able to read a data file.
Although that AnyWave is able to read some common EEG or MEG file formats, you might need to read a particular data file.
The only way to achieve that is to build a Reader plug-in for AnyWave.
This will require implementing a C++ plug-in using the SDK.
See the previous sections of the Developer's corner to see how to build the SDK and use it to build a new plug-in.

Let's start with the basic cmake project. We will modify this basic project to suit our needs.

ADES reader as example

AnyWave is able to read .ades file format which is a simple file format built upon a text header file and a binary data file.
This 'plug-in' is embedded within AnyWave but we are going to implement it as an external plug-in, for the sake of demonstration.

Editing the cmake project